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Customer Insights: Reachbird

5 questions asked to Reachbird‘s Co-Founder

As one of our first clients, Reachbird joined applaudio in March 2020. After only several weeks, the management team felt the positive effects from using the applaudio platform. We have met Reachbird‘s CEO Philipp to get some detailed information on his experience with applaudio.

Question 1: Why do you believe that employee recognition is important?

First, recognizing employees is a crucial aspect for motivating my team. I can see that motivation at work drives each team member‘s individual productivity, which in turn helps us drive our business. So it is a Win-Win situation for us. Second, employee recognition is a direct way of feedback. My team does not have to wait for the official feedback meeting, but will receive ongoing positive feedback during their daily working routine. Third, recognizing employees is a foundation for a long-term relationship. I can increase my employee‘s loyalty to the firm and therefore benefit longer from their contribution at work.

About Reachbird

Reachbird is an influencer marketing platform located in Munich, Germany. The company employed a team of >20 employees at the start of using applaudio. More information about Reachbird is available on the company‘s website